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Tech Cleaner Set Pro™

  • All in One Tool: 5-in-1 Cleaning Set for your Keyboard and Earphones. 
  • Multifunction Cleaning Set: Flocking sponge can clean the dust in the wireless charging case of the earphone. High-density brush can clean the dirt on the sound outlet hole of the earphone. Metal pen tip can clean the stubborn dust.
  • Portable and Durable: Made with high quality Abs plastic and nylon, The size of the Cleaner Set Pro is only width 3.14''/ long 5.7'' Its easy to pack in your computer bag
  • Widely Useful: This cleaning kit is widely use for airpods, earbuds, keyboards, computers, macbook, Laptop, Camera, Lens and smartphones
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We provide 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, we offer lifetime warranty and no reason return policy to guarantee you have the best purchase experience in our store. 

The Cleaner Set Pro™ is the tool you've been waiting for

Clean every corner of your keyboard and earphones, with the Cleaner Set Pro™. Suitable for most wireless bluetooth devices, cameras, digital products, keyboards, car interiors, car vents, printers, phones, calculators, speakers, TVs and computers. 

Cleaning your keyboard has never been easier

Using a simple key puller, it is no longer laborious to replace the keycap, and the removal of the keycap is cleaner and more thorough.

The brush has nylon bristles with flexible motion that deeply cleans the reachable areas of your tech key keyboard buttons.
The Cleaner Set Pro is widely useable for airpods, earbuds, keyboards, computers, macbooks, Laptops, Camera, Lens and Smartphones.
A Key puller is included to easily remove the keyboard caps and clean it more thoroughly
Smart design
Travel friendly
Easy to use
Cleans Everything

Unique Features Of The Cleaning Set Pro™


Thanks to the smart ergonomic design, the MyShave perfectly adapts to every hand and every curve. So you can comfortably reach every part of your body without any major problems.

No blades
No stress!

Your MyShave fits comfortably in any carry-on luggage and can easily be taken on any plane. Unlike ordinary razors, there are no sharp blades.

Better for
the environment

The MyShave does a good job for up to 3 years without having to repurchase shaving cream or blades every time.

better skin

The unique crystal surface not only removes hair. Your skin also receives a nourishing & soothing peeling at the same time.

Get Rid Of Back Problems and Enjoy The Life Like a Young Person!
Find Out Why Everyone is using TechBelt™ Lumbar Decompression Belt!

Finally Relief for Lower Back Pain

Live painless with our new and innovative decompression therapy.

Lumbar Support: Decompress your lower back joints and spinal disks by lifting your upper bodyweight off your lower back. It strengthens the lower back and improves posture.

Back Pain Relief: Stretch and relieve your lower back muscles and eliminate lower back pain and stiffness. Our decompression belt stabilizes your lower back and strengthens your back and core.

Enjoy it anyplace: Wear it under your clothes and take it with you everywhere you go without anyone noticing.

Before inflate

Degenerative discs cause pain

After inflate

Belt pushes all the tension from your lower back upwards

Key benefits:

Resets your spine

Keeps your spine stretched out

Improves your posture

Unloads the weight of the lower back

No More Strain

The TechBelt™ Decompression Belt pushes all the tension from your lower back upwards. This keeps your spine stretched out when lifting heavy objects, or simply bending down to tie your shoes.

Belt can be used when:

Chronic back pain

Herniated/Bulging Disc

Long driving or sitting

Lower back pain due to overweight

Lumbar vertebral hyperplasia

Degenerative, swollen discs


The spine and back provide us with support in our daily lives. Every pain caused by it effects us more than we realize. Chronic back pain is harmful to one's long-term health.

When back pain is not addressed, it has an impact on your health and can lead to mental issues such as poor concentration, restless nights, heightened fatigue, decreased productivity, and social decline.

Reviews from Facebook


The belt is the cheapest solution and it gives the same relief as a chiropractor. I recommend this product. Give it a chance.

Kate B.

Decompression therapy is more than $4,000 a year. For just $69,95 USD, you will get the same quality and lifetime care with this belt. Highly recommend!

Dr. of Osteopathic Medicine Mark Cohen

The belt is the cheapest solution and it gives the same relief as a chiropractor. I recommend this product. Give it a chance.

Kate B.

Decompression therapy is more than $4,000 a year. For just $69,95 USD, you will get the same quality and lifetime care with this belt. Highly recommend!

Dr. of Osteopathic Medicine Mark Cohen

What's come with a package?

Decompression belt


Belt pump

User manual

Customer reviews

85 Reviews
Se alle
Mc Justin
Almost made me cry :-)

After two prolapses in a year, after the last one I have been almost disabled for the last 3 weeks. Unbearable pain. 12 on a scale of 10. 24 hours a day, 3 weeks straight. Medicines do not relieve. Everything hurts. Stand, sit and lie down. The sciatica is screaming and I can't straighten up more than 90 degrees. Have to use a walker to get to the toilet. Sleep in 30 minute intervals at night until the pain wakes me up again. Last time I was hospitalized for a week and was actually ready for surgery. However, the surgeon advised against this as the risk of paralysis was very high.

I'm skeptical of online products, but when you go from being a superman who manages everything, to someone who lies in the fetal position on the sofa all day, you're willing to test most things.

The belt arrived today. Put it on, and after 30 minutes I'm standing upright without pain. Yes, I shed some tears. Now I look forward to the days to come and the development.

Sorin AP

Fantastic belt!!!

Len H.
Decompression belt

I have tried quite a few pieces now, but this is without a doubt the one with the best support for my back.

Dilman OA
Back support belt

I used the back belt a couple of times, and I must honestly say that this was the best investment I have made in my life, no longer hurts, I was in pain this year, no medicine or treatment helped me for more than a few hours, but the belt changed everything and I am completely pain free in my back.
I recommend this product to anyone who struggles with a bad back, this is worth every dollar, and this product will save you several thousand dollars and not least the unnecessary pain that you can avoid if you use this product for a couple of days.

Jerry O.

Really helpful

John P.

Strapped well

Lisbeth D.
It works

I didn't have much faith that it would help. But the trip to the cabin through the forest now goes well without pain when I use the decompression belt. Can really be recommended.

Compression belt

Simple and it keeps what it promises 😊 Regards, satisfied customer

Edward T.
Decromp belt

Only had it for 14 days but it is helping and seems to be a quality product.
Ordered it online after suspecting a herniated disc problem. Had a surgery for lumbar disc herniation about 40 years ago, and I think the product stabilizes the back, so for now I'm satisfied 👍

Olivia O.
Bad for ultra slim women...

I have a 23 inch waist and it's too wide for me...




Inner layer



Belt Will Fit Most People

Waist size

29-48 inches ( 73cm - 122 cm)


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