Rollingo™ Faucet Extension


Easily Sanitize Your Sink!

It's a small extension for your faucet that can direct water in a 720° rotation, without splashing around the sink.

It makes it easier to sanitize the sink in the bathroom or kitchen, a very important thing these days.



It Has a Fully Rotating Feature

Rotate the water outlet 720° and experience a more convenient way to keep your sink always clean.

By using Rollingo™ you will get an easier way of washing things with less consumption.



Get a Better Quality of Water!

Rollingo™ has 4 filters used to filter out hard particles and other debris in the water, giving you a clean washing experience.



Suitable for All types of Faucets!

Rollingo™ fits 99% faucets, so don't worry about fitting on your taps.

It has a female thread and fits for a male-threaded faucet. If a faucet has a female thread, you can use the adapter (included) to attach it.



It’s Cheap!

The cheapest, best selling, faucet extension on the market and it's currently on SALE to help Americans reduce their bills. Thinking this will ease your washing experience, this is the best purchase you can make.


4.8/5 Rated by over 6000 Customers

Thousands of satisfied customers are already using this device.