Baby Spoon Bottleā„¢<br>Make Feeding Time A Breeze

Make Parenting so much easier today with ourĀ Spoon Bottle!šŸ‘¶āœØ

The Feeder offers a new and extremely simple way to feed your baby at home and on the go!Ā This is a must have in every Mothers Arsenal.Ā  Feeding your baby can often consume much time and effort!Ā The transition from liquid-based diet to semi-solids can beĀ confusing and difficult for your baby. YourĀ munchkinĀ may not Ā adapt to spoon-feeding after being habituated to bottle. This is why we're introducing ourĀ PracticalĀ Spoon BottleĀ for your baby's feeding time!

  • A cleaner, easier way to feed your baby semi- solid foods using just one hand! Simply squeeze the silicone base until desired amount of food collects on the spoon.

  • Designed With Portability in mind - our BPA free silicone feeding spoon holds three ounces of baby food, the cap keeps the spoon sanitary in your purse or diaper bag.


  • The transition from a liquid based diet to semi-solids can be confusing and difficult for your baby. Your munchkin may not immediately adapt to spoon-feeding after being habituated to bottle feeding. The spoon bottle combines the advantages of bottle feeding and spoon feeding making the transition easier for both you and your baby. The bottle holds the baby food and packs it into a single utensil! With one squeeze you get easy one-handed feeding!

Choose Your Favorite Color Below and Make Feeding Time a Breeze!

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