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American G Association | iPac Shirt
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It’s Difficult To Use

Removing scratches from your car shouldn’t be a chore. But with most of the leading brands, fixing scratches is draining. First, you have to clean the car fully. Then spend far too much time trying to get the wax applied evenly. The worst part is, almost all of these scratch removers require heavy machinery. Which is why so many people are switching to Shine Armor’s Revive Car Scratch Repair. It's much easier and faster. That’s because Revive is wax-free. So, instead of having to wash the car, then buff it like with Traditional Wax, you just squeeze some Revive Scratch Repair onto a microfiber cloth and apply it right into the scratch. Then you do a quick buff and go!. With Revive Scratch Repair, you get amazing results just by hand.


It’s Toxic!

Traditional Scratch Removers has to have at least 10 different chemicals. Most of the other leading products do too. And many of them are from China. So, who knows what’s really in them? Who wants to wear a mask and gloves while removing scratches from the car? Revive Scratch Repair contains ZERO harmful chemicals. So, you don’t have to worry about your health while removing those scratches.


It Does More Harm Than Good

After all the time and effort you’ve put in trying to make your car look fresh and new, other products can leave you with a BIG problem. They can actually leave your car with more scratches than there were before! It happens because dust, dirt, and debris can get in the wax. But Revive Car Scratch Remover is wax-free and dust-free. So, you can be confident it will actually remove the scratches - not put more on. Plus, products like Traditional Scratch Removers can actually remove the paint from some cars!


It Only Tackles One Job

With Traditional Scratch Removers companies, you have to buy 3 of their products to equal Revive Scratch Repair. That’s because Revive does more than just fix scratches. It actually tackles 3 jobs. It also removes swirls, and oxidation too. Having to buy just one product saves you big. Plus, it takes up much less room in the garage or basement too.


It’s pricey!

Products like Traditional Scratch Removers may look cheap. But when you factor in the time they take to apply … the damage they can cause and the fact that you need to buy multiple products to get the job done … then they’re really much more costly than they seem. And have you ever noticed they almost never go on sale? Shine Armor has a nearly HALF-OFF deal on Revive Scratch Repair right now.


It’s Not Risk Free...

Traditional Scratch Removers most leading brands don’t have a money back guarantee. But, with Shine Armor’s Revive Scratch Repair, you get a 100% refund if you’re not completely, totally satisfied with your purchase. Just let them know within 30 days and you’ll get every penny of your money back.

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