Why Is Our Fasciitis Fighter Brace So Sought After by Everyone ?!

  • End Plantar Fasciitis While You Sleep

  • No More Painful First Morning Steps

  • Get our Ebook FREE “Five Minutes to Fasciitis Freedom”-Start fixing your Plantar Fasciitis Immediately after your order

  • 1- Year Warranty

Sleep Away Plantar Fasciitis in 30-Days

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What Makes Our Brace Different?

Moisture Wicking

The Fasciitis Fighter Brace has the

latest in moisture wicking

technology so you will

never have to take if off during the night.

One Size Fits All

The Easily adjustable straps mean

The brace will adjust to fit you.

You don't have to worry about

swollen ankles, feet or foot size.

Zero Irritation

Due to being covered in

hand-woven cloth the brace

causes no irritation at night while

holding your foot at a 90 degree angle.

You Get More Than Just a Night-Brace

Receive our Breakthrough Ebook "Five Minutes to Fasciitis Freedom" 100% FREE

So why are we giving away our Ebook? It's simple, Shipping your brace is going to take us a few days. As former Plantar Fasciitis suffers ourselves. We wanted to give you something that you can use immediately to help end the pain. If you're wondering what is inside, the Book is 10 Pages of straight to point facts and solutions. Easy to understand information about beating Plantar Fasciitis and Preventing it from ever coming back. No complicated medical jargon or pages filled with fluff. 


Here’s What You Can Expect to See on the Inside:

  • Why 90% of people with Plantar Fasciitis never have to go to the Podiatrist. And why 95% never have to get Surgery.

  • A 100% FREE tool, everyone has in their Fridge. That can help your Plantar Fasciitis go away in just 10 minutes.

  • 5 Stretches you can do RIGHT NOW to Help end Plantar Fasciitis.

  • A quick and easy 5 minute routine that helps get rid of Plantar Fasciitis and Prevent it from coming back.

  • The DECADES old lie about buying shoes that is making your Plantar Fasciitis worse. 

  • The One change you can make to the inside of your shoes. That immediately reduces Plantar Fasciitis pain.


4 Easy Steps, No Help Needed

  • Place the Top of the brace. On-top of your Foot

    and take the small Velcro straps that are at your

    upper ankle and place the left Velcro Strap on top of

    the right to lock in place.

  • Then take the long black strap at the top and

    wrap it behind your ankle. Run it through the latch

    and wrap it back around the opposite way

  • Repeat the exact same process for the bottom

    straps. Just make sure the brace is resting on the

    bottom of foot right before your toes.

  • Finally tighten to comfort. You can also bend the

    thin metal plate any direction to fit your foot better.

    You want the brace to be tight for the best



“I don't know where I saw this brace that caused me to buy it. But I did. I have had Plantar fasciitis on and off for well over 3 months now. And its been awful... I don't even feel like my feet are my own. And to be honest I don't like going to the doctor unless I have to. I took a look at the return policy and thought what the hell. Worse thing that happens I refund another product that doesn't work. I waited about 5 days and the brace arrived. I Put it on that night. And woke up to My first few steps being less painful. But I definitely still had Plantar fasciitis. I kept using the brace for over 3 weeks. By that time

I was waking up with almost no pain. It wasn't even coming back throughout the day. My biggest worry now is when I forget to put it on.” -Verified Purchase 9/21/20 Abby M,62,Ohio


I was so happy after using this brace for a little more than a week. And I could finally get out of bed without immediately being reminded about my feet. While the pain did improve. I still would have some throughout the day. I guess being a GYM TEACHER doesn't help. I was still frustrated with my feet

so I decided to take a look at the E-book that came with the brace. To my surprise it was great. I even started to implement a few of the recommendations. Like the frozen water bottle trick and even got new insoles for my shoes. I can say with complete confidence over six month later. That my fasciitis is gone and I never had to go to the doctor or physical therapy -Verified Purchase 3/11/20 Betty Z,41, California

Exclusive Fasciitis Fighter Brace + Free eBook Discount
65% OFF!

Exclusive Fasciitis Fighter Brace + Free eBook Discount
65% OFF!

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