Finally beautiful skin again

Allow us to introduce: This is the MyShave - The fastest & easiest solution for hair removal, but without having to worry about painful shaves & strawberry skin.

No skin irritation, strawberry skin, shaving pimples, cutting or ingrown hairs.
Just soft & gentle skin.

No more strawberry legs.

The best thing about the MyShave: You will get smooth and soft legs very easily and you will prevent unnecessary strawberry skin. Your hair will be gently rubbed off the skin. Result: Super soft skin that you immediately want to show everyone!

Save Money & Pain

Throw away your old razor and do it better! Hair removal with the MyShave is more pleasant, easy and saves you from suffering. You will not need a blade or shaving cream anymore, which also saves a lot of money!

The appearance of strawberry skin can be reduced.
Ingrown hairs can happen less frequently.
The skin can be improved in the sustainable way.
Crystal technology
Smart design
Travel friendly
Peeling effect

No cutting
No hurting

The crystal surface gently removes the hair. Your skin structure is additionally protected and sustainably improved!


Thanks to the smart ergonomic design, the MyShave perfectly adapts to every hand and every curve. So you can comfortably reach every part of your body without any major problems.

No blades
No stress!

Your MyShave fits comfortably in any carry-on luggage and can easily be taken on any plane. Unlike ordinary razors, there are no sharp blades.

Better for
the environment

The MyShave does a good job for up to 3 years without having to repurchase shaving cream or blades every time.

better skin

The unique crystal surface not only removes hair. Your skin also receives a nourishing & soothing peeling at the same time.

Step 1

Moisturize the MyShave with a little water or use it while showering.

Step 2

Place the MyShave on the desired area.

Step 3

Rub over your skin in gentle circular motions.

Step 4

Do not use skin cream directly after application, allowing your skin to breathe.

Easy to use
Usable for 3 years


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